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Important Dates

Welcome to the 9th annual Tiger Invite! Friday April 5, 2019!

Meet Updates

  • ALERT!!! Meet will begin at 11:30AM

  • Final Meet Program (Posted 04-05 6:30am)
  • Final Time Schedule (Updated 04-03, 6am)

  • Final Accepted Entries - School by School(Final 04-04 2:30pm)

    Error in the first post. This is the corrected sheet.

    Final accepted entry list as of Thursday
    This is what each school owes based of your total individual entry and relays that are accepted into the meet.

    There is not set team cap for Tiger Invite, it is done on a case by case basis situation. Email if you need to confirm your final invoice amount and if a team cap needs to be discussed.

    Entry fees are calculated per individual event.  

    Entry fees:

    1-3 individual events = $30 per each individual entry
    4-6 individual events = $25 per each individual entry
    7+ individual events = $20 per each individual entry
    $40 per Relay

    Meet Program is posted with alternates. (this is not guaranteed lane. subject to lane change due to scratches. we will try to fill in the best lanes if they open)

    Alternates are listed at the bottom of selective events. Listed by school name in alphabetical order only.Meet management will decide which alternates move in. No charge if an alternate gets in.

    Look for an alternate check in table at the entry to the track by the finish line. Check in early. As soon as they are at the track is fine. Details at the check in.

  • Event Numbers for reference
  • 2019 Competing Teams
  • Thank you to all the coaches for their entries into Tiger Invite.. This is by far the most competitive field of entries we have had over the 9 years.

    3517 entries from 2043 athletes , 208 teams from 129 different schools. 100 schools for across California and 25 schools from 8 different states.

Selection Process
With limited entries available, top athletes/marks will be given priority into events

Custom Tiger Invite awards will be given out to the top 3 finishers in each event. Distance Races only will be awarded to Top 5 Finishers in the 800m, 1600m, 3200m.

Custom engraved Tiger Invite baton given to each school at check in.

Out-of-state and international teams must declare their intent to compete as soon as possible at EPI Sports.The Tiger Invite has forwarded a list of out-of-state schools (which will be updated as we draw closer to meet date) to the national high school federation office to seek approval from their respective state associations to compete. Most states do grant approval, with limited exception. If you are unsure of your state's standing, contact the meet director. The national federation website ( also has an updated report if which states approve/deny Tiger Invite for participation
by their member schools. Once again, please declare ASAP to ensure your can compete.

3/16" to 1/4" Needles or Pyramid Spikes are allowed.

New!! 8 lanes for 100m/high hurdles, 7 lanes for lap/relay races. Shot put arena, high jump pit on the north d-sector, pole vault pit and long/triple jump pit on the south d-sector surrounding a Field Turf football/soccer field.  The meet crew/staff, officials, competitors, equipment and water are the only things permitted onto the track.  No food, no gum, no seed shells, no flavored drinks, no visitors nor coaches are permitted onto the track/field. 
The baseball field located just south of the track will be provided as a warm-up area.  We ask that participants stay off the baseball infield.
These will be open to public; men/women restrooms are located on the northeast and northwest side of the stadium.  There will not be a proper locker/dressing room for athletes; be properly dressed for competition upon arrival.
A snack bar/grill will be serving food & drinks throughout the evening; located on the northwest side of the stadium.

Entry fees are calculated per event.  

Entry fees:

1-3 events = $30 per event
4-6 events = $25 per event
7+ events = $20 per event
$40 per Relay

Fees are due at packet pick-up.  Teams will not be allowed access into stadium nor will they be allowed to compete unless entry fees have been paid.

NFHS requires that all athletes compete in school-issued uniforms that comply with NFHS rules.  Competitors not wearing school uniforms may be denied the opportunity to compete by the officials.
Each relay squad is responsible for their own baton.  Batons will NOT be provided.
Teams need to keep their canopies on the very top row of the bleachers.  Canopies are not allowed on the bleachers located in front of the press box.  Teams can also place canopies in the warm-up field along the wall and fence.